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Arizona Senior Health
Insurance Solutions
We provide insurance solutions and related financial services for seniors, the under 65 community, and business owners.

Products and Services

People who are on Medicare have many options in choosing their healthcare in Arizona. Let Arizona Senior Health Insurance Solutions show you the many plans that are available to you. I will consult with you and explain the differences and pros and cons of both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. Click here for more info.

Life insurance plays a major part in taking care of our loved ones, retirement planning, and the resolution of our final expenses. We have great relationships with dozens of insurance carriers and we can do much more for you as a local member of your community than those 1-800 services that advertise so frequently. Click here for more info.

Long term care insurance is as important today as home insurance is for the protection of your home against the peril of fire. Believing that the calamity of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and stroke can be self-insured is similar in belief to believing that cancer can be self-insured. Schedule an appointment and learn about long term care strategies that work.

Alternatives to the Affordable Care Act like Short Term and Renewable Short Term Health Insurance are designed for those people who make too much money to have the ACA subsidize their health insurance. If you are healthy enough to be underwritten and understand that pre-existing conditions may not be covered then an ACA alternative may be the right choice.

We all know that the stock market goes up and the stock market goes down. Do any of us want to have all of our retirement hopes and dreams completely dependent on the fluctuations of the stock market? If you want to lessen your risk and provide yourself with an income stream that you won’t outlive call me and let’s talk. 

If you are a small business owner and would like me to quote and tailor a group health insurance plan for your business call me or schedule an appointment.

About us

ASHIS Founder George Resley

Arizona Senior Health Insurance Solutions was created by licensed insurance broker George Resley. For the past ten years, George has dedicated his practice to listening to customers, providing the latest industry information, and carrying a wide array of products from a multitude of insurance companies.


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